NorthTEL Event – 11th June 2019  Northumbria University, City Campus, Newcastle

Theme – Immersive Technologies

Agenda (PDF)

1.    Welcome and scene setting

Introduction (PDF)

2. Icebreaker

Introductions to those around the room. Participants were asked to decide an important element for Martian life that the NASA crew could train in VR on the ship on their first planned trip to MARS.

MARS_icebreaker (PDF)

3. Virtual Reality in eLearning

Two trusts, CWP and YAS, who are new to the creation of Immersive Technologies show how they went about creating their first VR projects using CenarioVR.

VR_in_eLearning (PDF)

3.A CenarioVR Pilot

NorthTEL_June2019_Matt_Crouch (PDF)

Matt Crouch, from the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership, provides an overview of the materials and systems needed to create Virtual Reality as well showing examples of his work.

3.B VR Ambulance

Lou Gardham, from the Yorkshire Ambulance Trust, introduces a video from Richard Grice outlining how he went about creating a VR Ambulance Simulation using CenarioVR.

NorthTEL_Lou_Gardham (PDF)

Virtual Reality Development video:

A copy of the simulation is available from:
Note: The simulation has not been authorised or verified for use as a training tool and the videos contained in the course are copyright Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

4. Virtual Reality in Healthcare Education

Northumbira University and Leeds Institute of Medical Education (LIME) provide examples of how they are using VR in their programmes and how they are evaluating its effectiveness.

4.A The use of AR / VR in Education and Training

Gareth Frith, from the Leeds Institute of Medical Education, outlines how LIME uses VR as part of its Medicine and Health programmes.

NorthTEL_June2019_Gareth Frith (PDF)

4.B Evaluation of VR as a teaching pedagogy in Nurse education

Andrew Melling, Laura Park and Claire Ford, from Northumbria University, discuss one of their current research projects on the evaluation of VR as part of their nursing courses.

NorthTEL_June2019_Andrew_Melling (PDF)

5. Virtual Reality in NHS Trusts

Chris Gay, from the Hull NHS Trust, shows how VR is currently used in the labour ward.

NorthTEL_June2019_Chris_Gay (PDF)

6. Mixed Reality

Pramod Luthra, Health Education England, and Elliot Street, from Inovus, discuss their current joint project to test and demonstrate the benefits of the MR Lap Sim Unit.

NorthTEL_June2019_Pramod_Luthra (PDF)

7. Gadget Show/ Show and tell workshops

Stand 1: Gareth Frith

  1. HoloLens with Virtual Patient demonstrations
  2. The VR experience of Pathology Labs at St James Hospital in Leeds for students
  3.  The Virtual-Tee Augmented reality Anatomy T-Shirt.

Stand 2: Chris Gay

  1. Oculus Go headsets

Stand 3: Pramod Luthra & Mark Hellaby

  1. Google Glass
  2. VR box and google cardboard
  3. ECG monitor attached to an iphone
  4. Portable ECG monitor
  5. MR Lap Sim box

Stand 4: Matt Crouch

  1. CenarioVR Pilot development area

Stand 5: Andy Melling

  1. Google Cardboard
  2. Oculus Rift demo scenario and explain evolution
  3. Alternate VR headsets to demo frailty

Stand 6: AMA Xpert eye AR pilots with Google Glass

  1. Google Glass

8. What are the uses of Immersive Technology within the NHS ?

In the final session, Richard Price asks participants for uses of Immersive Technology within the NHS,  what HEE can do to assist its creation and use, and how will they share their experiences.

Use of Immersive Technologies (PDF)

9. Summary, Prize giving, Thank you’s

Richard Price closes the day with the Mars ice breaker prize giving and farewell to Brenda Poller.

Summary & Thank you (PDF)

10. Updates after the conference

Patient journey to GP practice

The GMC have released their first educational VR app ‘Patient journey to GP practice’, in a collaboration with NHS England.  It is  aimed at giving international doctors an immersive experience of seeing a UK GP practice in action. The app available to use on Google Cardboard headsets.

If you want to check out the app yourself there’s more information on the GMC website,