Suspected COVID-19 Scenario by EM Sim Cases: Preprogrammed for LLEAP and SimPad

To assist you in preparing your staff and teams, Laerdal Medical and partners have created a set of free scenarios to help you prepare.

The ‘Suspected COVID-19 Scenario’ case was written by Drs. Alia Dharamsi, SooJin Yi and Kate Hayman who are academic staff emergency physicians in Toronto. Laerdal has programmed the executable scenario using LLEAP software. The scenario file can be operated using Automatic Mode on either SimPad or LLEAP.

Other available scenarios include:

  • Normal Childbirth with a Symptomatic Covid-19 woman
  • Suspected Uncomplicated Novel COVID-19 Infection (ARI)
  • Severe Novel COVID-19 Infection (SARI)
  • Respiratory Stabilization on Ventilator – Advanced Respiratory Care – Inspiratory Dyssynchrony on Ventilator – Advanced Respiratory Care
  • Proning Procedure of Patient on a Ventilator – Advanced Respiratory Care



  • Secondary Workforce Group
  • Non ITU treatments




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