Covid-19 Pandemic CPD

Free Covid-19 CPD bundle, consisting of two resources designed to test your current knowledge of the condition. The first resource aims to assess your current knowledge of the situation. The second resource looks at case identification and management strategies. You’ll receive 2 hours of CPD on successful completion of all resources within this bundle.


Covid-19 Pandemic resource:

  • To improve knowledge regarding the epidemiology of COVID-19 infection
  • To improve knowledge on the clinical picture and presentation of cases
  • To explore the emerging therapeutic options for COVID-19

Covid-19 Aspects of patient management:

  • Appreciate the presenting features of COVID-19 infection and the severity of symptoms/signs
  • Understand the issues relating to resuscitation of patients with COVID-19 infection
  • Appreciate palliative management strategies in patients with COVID-19 infection


  • Multiple Workforce Groups
  • Non ITU treatments




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