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North eLearning Licences (Lectora)

To support the creation and development of eLearning content and resources across the North, we manage and maintain a number of shared licenses used for creating content. Further details are shown below:

Lectora Online licences

Lectora Online (https://www.trivantis.com/products/lectora-online-authoring/) eLearning content authoring licences are provided by HEE(North) and administered by the North TEL Support Service. We use a booking system to provide access to the licenses, to request access please contact the team (yas.elearningsupport@nhs.net)

HEE encourage collaboration on developments and ask users to share their content. Licences are therefore issued with the criteria listed in the Lectora Licence Requirements document.

The Lectora Licence Requirements document is available at:


VideoScribe licences

VideoScribe is an easy to use tool that allows you to create animated text and images. Find out more at VideoScribe.

HEE North have funded two licences for VideoScribe. To request a user licence please contact the team (yas.elearningsupport@nhs.net)

CenarioVR licences

CenarioVR is a 360 virtual reality authoring software to provide audiences with an immersive learning experience. Find out more at CenarioVR

HEE have funded 5 licences for CenarioVR. To request a user licence please contact the team (yas.elearningsupport@nhs.net)