The System-wide Training and Employment Passport (STEP) Project is developing an online system that will allow the transfer of training and employment information between organisations to support the greater mobility of the healthcare workforce. The information held will include pre-employment data such as DBS checks, right to work and occupational health along with relevant mandatory training records including Clinical Skills.

The project is seeking to build upon existing work undertaken by the Streamlining Initiative in the North West which included development of a Skills Register (RoSTA). Despite some ongoing challenges, such as technical and information governance issues, RoSTA has demonstrated benefits in supporting the transfer of training records for Doctors in Training, and has helped to prevent needless duplication of mandatory training. RoSTA has provided valuable learning which should enable the development of a wider, stable and more scalable solution, which is the intention of the STEP project.

The system will ultimately be multi-professional, but will initially be piloted by Doctors in Training and implemented in the North West before being made available nationally.

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