Latest Digest from North TEL Support – November 2021

1.0 News and Information

Accessibility Teams channel

A new Accessibility Teams Channel has been set up. This a great venue for asking or providing advice on how you and your Trust are managing the often difficult topic of converting and implementing accessibility within your training.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know your sans serif from your serif fonts, this channel is there for you to ask and support your peers.

If you would like to join, please email

Have your say on your core skills training experience

A survey asking NHS staff and learning leaders in England for their views on their Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) experience has been launched by HEE.

The survey aims to explore the overall effectiveness of CSTF, better understand the user experience, learning outcomes and identify any gaps in the content. It also aims to understand if there are any barriers to its use and looks at how statutory/mandatory training delivery can be made more consistent across England.

There are 2 surveys to collate feedback across the healthcare landscape:

Survey 1  – All Staff  

This is open to all NHS staff to share their own perspectives on statutory and mandatory training.

Survey 2 – People Professionals

This is open for all people professionals involved in, for example, human resources or learning and development, or those who are part of an organisation’s management team.

The surveys will close on Friday 19 November 2021.

2.0 New Resources

elearning for healthcare

For more details on the programmes mentioned below, visit TEL News – October 2021 or the elearning for healthcare website.

New eLearning programmes

  • Changing Story of Cancer elearning programme.
  • Introduction to the Pelvic Floor During Pregnancy

Updated eLearning programmes

  • COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Heart Failure and Heart Valve Disease
  • e-Learning Anaesthesia
  • Opthalmology elearning programme (Eye-Site)
  • SCRIPT – supporting safer prescribing practices in paediatrics
  • Foundation Programme (2021 curriculum)
  • Paramedics
  • London Transformation and Learning Collaborative Critical Care
  • e-ELCA public access
  • Safeguarding Adults Level 3 online course moves to on-demand enrolment


The following courses have recently been added to ESR. For further information refer to User Notice UN3103 or log into ESR.

New courses

  • 000 Wound Care Education – Essentials of Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  • 000 Wound Care Education – Essentials of the Foot at Risk
  • 000 Wound Care Education – Essentials of Wound Imaging
  • 000 Population Health Digital Toolkit
  • 000 Patient Safety Level 1 – Essentials for all staff
  • 000 Patient Safety Level 1 – Essentials for boards and senior leadership teams
  • 000 Patient Safety Level 2 – Access to Practice
  • 000 Having Confident Appraisal Conversations

3.0 Events

The events listed below are not endorsed however you may find them of interest.


7 Techniques for Highly Successful Virtual Learning – 17 Nov 2021, 4.00 PM GMT

This interactive webinar will provide tips on:

  • Getting your audience active & engaged during training00
  • Building a learning environment vs using lecture-based training
  • Going beyond chat for engagement
  • Assessing what people learn during each session

Digital, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics across the system – an introduction – 18 Nov 2021, 12.30 PM GMT

This webinar provides an introduction to the work of Health Education England’s Digital, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technologies in Education (DART-Ed) programme.

We will look at the wider landscape of activity across the system, particularly the work of our partners, including NHSX, and examine what the main issues, barriers and benefits are in implementing these technologies. Ask our expert panel questions and find out more about:

  • The AI capability framework
  • Empowering healthcare professionals to use AI with appropriate confidence
  • The new AI roadmap
  • How you can get involved

eLearning Trends For 2022: The View From The Trenches – 18 Nov 2021, 4.00 PM GMT

2021 has been a year of change for the world of L&D. More precisely, this year has proved that blended learning, VILT, and reskilling/ upskilling are not just temporary trends, but they are here to stay and continue shaping L&D strategies! So, L&D-wise, are you wondering how 2022 will look like? Worry not. CommLab India’s contribution to eLearning was tremendous in 2021. Join them in this webinar and after the live session, you will be ready to face all 2022 challenges! The event is sponsored by eLearning Industry.

Webinars: recordings

eLearning Design And Best Practices

Some experts perceive eLearning design as an art, while others believe it is clearly a science. Whatever the case, no one can deny that eLearning courses should always be immersive, relevant, and contextual! If you want to achieve this status for your own course delivery, join CommLab India in this insightful session. The session will explore eLearning design best practices, content optimization tips, and much more!


Learner Engagement Summit – 15-17 Nov 2021

30 Learner Engagement Experts Share Their Secrets That You Can Use To Adapt To The New Normal And ENGAGE Even The Most Reluctant Learners…

The Microlearning Conference  – 9 Dec 2021, 7.00 PM GMT

The conference will consist of compact sessions that will form an actionable “digital guide” to microlearning for businesses.

It will focus on practical aspects of microlearning in various business context, from implementation to evaluation. The event will cover the Why, How, What of Microlearning type of questions, discuss current industry trends and peek into 2022.

4.0 Learning Technology Articles and Information

TEL News – October 2021

TEL News is your monthly update keeping you up to speed with all the national work on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in health and care.

Education horizon-scanning bulletin – October 2021

A digest of recent studies and articles related to healthcare, nursing and medical education, produced by John Gale at Mid-Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust.



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