Latest Digest from North TEL Support – 21 May 2021

1.0 News and Information

Digest Survey – feedback

Thank you to everyone to contributed to our recent survey about this digest. Over the next few months you will start to see a few changes to the digest based on your feedback.

NHS eLearning Repository – content freeze

Users of the NHS eLearning Repository should have received notification this week of a content freeze effecting the upload of new content from 31 May.

Content currently linked to the NHS eLearning Repository will not be affected and new content will be need to be uploaded via an alternative means.

If you are an NHS eLearning Repository content owner who have not received notification of the changes, it is available here, alternatively please contact the NHS eLearning Repository Support Team

2.0 New Resources

000 North QUIT

Three QUIT modules are now available to all North Trusts in ESR – other Trusts can access these modules via the NHS eLearning Repository, .

The modules are aimed to assist staff on how to talk to patients about smoking alternatives during their stay.

The modules cover

  • The different elements of the QUIT Programme
  • Why we are implementing the QUIT programme is being implemented in all Hospitals
  • About nicotine addiction and smoking as a disease
  • How to give very brief interventions

The three modules are;

  • 000 North QUIT Module One
  • 000 North QUIT Module Two – Mental Health Trust Inpatient Pathways
  • 000 North QUIT Module Two – Acute Trust Inpatient Pathways


Please refer to ESR user notice UN3027 for more information about the courses below or log on to ESR

Genomics in the NHS

The Genomics in the NHS programme is a collection of e-Learning courses developed by NHS educational teams to support and educate healthcare professionals about genomic medicine and the benefit it will bring to patient care.

Courses include

  • 000 Genomics 101 – Dominant, Recessive and Beyond: Inherited Genetic Conditions
  • 000 Genomics 101 – From Gene to Protein
  • 000 Genomics 101 – Genes to Genome
  • 000 Genomics 101 – Genomics In Healthcare
  • 000 Genomics 101 – Inheriting Genomic Information
  • 000 Genomics 101 – Investigating the Genome Part 1: The Process
  • 000 Genomics 101 – Investigating the Genome Part 2: The Tests
  • 000 Genomics 101 – Taking and Drawing a Genetic Family History
  • 000 Genomics 101 – Talking Genomics: Tips and Tools for Communicating
  • 000 Genomics Medicine Service: Discussing Diagnostic Germline Genomic Tests
  • 000 Genomics Medicine Service: Introduction to Offering Genomic Tests
  • 000 Genomics Medicine Service: The National Genomic Research Library
  • 000 Public Health Masterclass: Genomics in Healthcare

Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS)

This e-Learning has been developed to support analysts and other health and care professionals working in population health to build their knowledge and skills within this area. Population health management (PHM) is central to the development of and is a new focus of analytical work for analysts working across these partnerships.

Courses include:

  • 000 AMS: Delayed prescribing for common infections in out-of-hours primary care
  • 000 AMS: Managing patient expectations in out-of-hours primary care
  • 000 AMS: Promoting self-care in out-of-hours primary care
  • 000 AMS: Safety netting for common infections in out-of-hours primary care


The Stroke e-Learning programme has been designed to provide an overview of stroke care across the entire pathway and promote better patient care, by providing all health and social care professionals and multidisciplinary teams with the appropriate level of knowledge, skills and experience they need to deliver effective stroke prevention and care to people with stroke, and at risk of stroke.
Courses include:

  • 000 Stroke
  • 000 Stroke Toolkit

Other programmes new to ESR are:

  • 000 Identifying and Responding to Sexual Assault and Abuse
  • 000 PRosPer
  • 000 Care Certificate Assessors
  • 000 Clinical Risk Management Training: Refresher
  • 000 Clinical Risk Management Training: Best Practice Guidelines
  • 000 Clinical Risk Management Training: Community of Interest
  • 000 Population Health Management
  • 000 Adolescent Health 01-13

e-Learning for Healthcare

Please refer to TEL News – April 2021 for more information about the courses below or log on to e-Learning for Healthcare,

New Programmes

Programme updates

Updates have been made to the follow e-LfH programmes

  • All Our Health
  • Clinical Imaging
  • e-LPRAS (e-Learning for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)
  • e-LLCA (End of life care e-learning pathway)
  • Foundation e-learning programme
  • Radiology-Integrated Training Initiative
  • Respiratory Physiotherapy

3.0 Events


VideoScribe Masterclass: How to add hand-drawn animations to live action video – 27 May 2021, 16.00 BST

If you’ve ever wondered how you can combine the storytelling power of hand-drawn animation with live action video then this is the webinar for you.

The actionable takeaways you’ll leave with:

  • Exactly what mixed media animation is and how it can benefit you
  • The easy step-by-step process to overlay VideoScribe animations on live action video
  • Inspiration for your own mixed media animations from our examples
  • Inside tips and tricks for professional-looking mixed media animations

For more information or to register visit,

Eleventh-Hour Script Changes: Updating eLearning Voiceover On Time And Under Budget – 1 June 2021, 18.00 BST

Jordan Cooper and Katie Ducich from WellSaid Labs will show you how last minute script changes can be made in minutes, without sacrificing desired quality or valuable budget. In addition, this webinar will also show you the advancements of text-to-speech technology accomplished with Artificial Intelligence.
For more information or to register visit,

Virtual Instructor-led Training is Here to Stay. Are You Ready? – 2 June 2021, 18.00 BST

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is here to stay: Global Workplace Analytics research found that over 56% of Americans hold a job that is compatible with working remotely. Join your host, Jon O’Keefe, technology education Jedi and Master Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT), will explore the challenges of moving in-person instruction online in a fun, engaging way.
For more information or to register visit,

Workflow Learning: Enabling The 5 Moments of Need Tue – 8 Jun 2021, 20.00 BST

In this session Bob Mosher, CEO and Chief Learning Evangelist of APPLY Synergies, a 5 Moments of Need company, will discuss the methodology behind The 5 Moments of Need and Workflow Learning (learning while doing), and how it can help us have a different level of conversation with those we serve—while helping us influence the effectiveness of the business in remarkable ways.
For more information or to register visit,

Is Your Training Material Ready For eLearning? Key Considerations For High-Impact eLearning – 10 June 2021, 16.00 BST

This webinar will help you take stock of how ready your training material is for eLearning. It also shares 3 high-level considerations (such as ensuring your training is aligned with business goals) to get started in the right direction. You wouldn’t want to miss the part on aligning classroom activities with their counterparts in eLearning!
For more information or to register visit,

Webinar – Recordings

Graphic design in eLearning: Common mistakes and how to avoid them – recording

Did you know that it’s possible to build eye-catching and effective training courses, even if you don’t have a designer on your team?
For more information or to register visit,

Improve learner experience with 6 simple graphic design principles – recording

In this session, you’ll see that you don’t need a graphic design degree to make your learning materials look polished and professional.
This session will cover design principles such as —contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, similarity, and symmetry—that will help you make your content shine.
For more information or to register visit,

4.0 Learning Technology Articles and Information

TEL News – April 2021
TEL News is your monthly update keeping you up to speed with all the national work on Technology

Education horizon-scanning bulletin April 2021 
A digest of recent studies and articles related to healthcare, nursing and medical education, produced by John Gale at Mid-Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust.

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Health Education England Medical Simulation Resources

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Instructional Design Through The Lens Of Rapid eLearning

Integrated care systems explained: making sense of systems, places and neighbourhoods

Learning from Video: A Review of the Literature in Higher Ed

Lessons Learned Using CenarioVR: Real World Examples in Pharma

Mixed Debriefing Study Shows Benefits Over Group Debriefing for Clinical Simulation

Too Much Content!

Training Industry Magazine – May June 2021

Strategies To Enhance The Impact Of Storytelling In eLearning: Featuring 3 Examples

This Stanford-designed system will help you navigate the workplace after COVID-19

Your latest catalogue of Regionally Developed eLearning Courses.

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