Latest Digest from North TEL Support – 19 March 2021

1.0 News and Information

HEE North TEL Forum –14 April 10.00 – 12.30
Come join us at the next HEE North TEL Group Forum to be held on Wednesday, 14 April 2021. The event provides an opportunity for TEL and eLearning leads and developers from across the North of England to come together to network, engage with each other and hear about what is happening with Health Education England Technology Enhanced Learning, ESR and the Learning Hub.
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e-Learning for Healthcare – What’s next?
As part of the further development of the Learning Hub, existing e-LfH content will be migrated to the Learning Hub. As well as the learning content being migrated, users’ accounts will also be transferred to ensure learning records are preserved to provide continuity for learners and employers. It is important to highlight that all the existing functionality that users experience on the e-LfH Hub will be retained and, in fact, accessing e-LfH content via the Learning Hub will provide additional features and functionality for learners. The migration of e-LfH content to the Learning Hub supports the ways of working and the future direction of the TEL team’s work; keeping platforms up to date using the latest technology and providing easy access to many other resources and resource types to further support education and training for the health and care workforce.
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Long COVID educational resources wanted for the Learning Hub
As efforts shift towards pandemic recovery, the HEE TEL team would like to encourage the sharing of educational resources particularly to increase knowledge in managing long-term effects of Coronavirus (long COVID) in patients. It only takes a few minutes to contribute a resource to the Learning Hub, so if you or your organisation has resources to share and contribute to the Learning Hub please visit: and select “Contribute a resource”.
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2.0 New Resources


Please refer to ESR user notice UN3004 for more information about the courses below or log on to ESR

 Image Interpretation
The Image Interpretation courses are being renamed to Clinical Imaging. The prefix for courses currently prefixed with 000 Image Interpretation will be changed to 000 Clinical Imaging.

Additional courses are now available

  • 000 Clinical Imaging: COVID-19 Resources for Diagnostic Radiographers
  • 000 Clinical Imaging: Orthopaedic Imaging
  • 000 Clinical Imaging: Orthopaedic Intervention
  • 000 Clinical Imaging: Research in Radiography.

000 Video Group Clinics
The video group clinics (VGC) e-Learning supports the introduction of video group clinics in different health and care settings by providing learners with an overview and working knowledge of video group clinics and consultations: including the benefits, delivery principles and outcomes of introducing this practice.

Respiratory Physiotherapy
These courses have been developed for students, recently qualified and existing qualified physiotherapists who want to update their respiratory knowledge to help prepare for working in respiratory care.

  • 000 Respiratory Physiotherapy – Aspects of the A-E Assessment
  • 000 Respiratory Physiotherapy – Respiratory Management
  • 000 Respiratory Physiotherapy – Paediatrics
  • 000 Respiratory Physiotherapy – Introduction to cardiorespiratory assessment
  • 000 Respiratory Physiotherapy – Adjuncts.

000 Primary Medical Care; Commissioning and Contract Management
000 Primary Medical Care; Commissioning and Contract Management course aims to provide NHS commissioners of primary medical care services (GP services) with a deeper appreciation of some of the more complicated commissioning or contract management scenarios they may face.

000 Core Supervision Model
The 000 Core Supervision Model course aims to provide an overview of the role of clinical supervision and to support supervisors and supervisees to engage effectively with the process of clinical supervision.

000 Listen Up – Training for all Managers
This Freedom to Speak Up training is for everyone wherever they work in healthcare and explains in a clear and consistent way what speaking up is and its importance in creating an environment in which people are supported to deliver their best.

000 Healthier Weight Competency Framework
This course has been designed to provide the health and care workforce with guidance in promoting a healthier weight.

000 Informatic Skills Development Network (ISDN) Toolkit
The 000 Informatic Skills Development Network (ISDN) Toolkit  provides you with advice, guidance, templates and examples that you can use when setting up a regional Informatics Skills Development Network.

000 All Our Health: Speech, Language and Communication
000 All Our Health: Speech, Language and Communication has been to added the All Our Health courses available on ESR.

000 Best Start in Speech, Language and Communication
Best Start in Speech, Language and Communication outlines the importance of the development of children’s speech and language skills for health visitors working with pre-school children and their families.

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub – Rapid training and education resources for critical care
To support staff being redeployed into critical care during the pandemic, the London Transformation and Learning Collaborative (LTLC) has worked in partnership with Health Education England’s Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team to develop a range of resources.
As part of this work the LTLC has created a toolkit, compiling guidance and resources to support interprofessional cross-skilling and safe, rapid redeployment of the workforce. The toolkit has been added to the Learning Hub to make it easily accessible to members of the health and care workforce throughout the UK: A Toolkit for rapid cross-skilling, supporting safe redeployment.
Other complementary resources, developed as part of the LTLC, have been added to the e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) Hub and more detail is available on the LTLC page on the e-LfH website.


Oral Health for General Practice
Oral health as a brief intervention is available via e-Learning. The module presents the learning through a variety of media and promotes a flexible, convenient and interactive way of assimilating the information. Video content complements  interactive audio/visual demonstrations of  the concepts within the training. These demonstrations are backed up with supporting information and links to other resources or those wanting to investigate specific topics further. The module is broken down into short  sections. Progress is tracked, making it easy to navigate content, digest information, and resume where you left off should you need to pause your learning.
For more information or to enrol visit

3.0 Events


Storyboarding for digital design with eLN Director Dave Price – 24 Mar 2021, 12:00 GMT
During this webinar your host Dave Price, eLN Director, will share his thoughts on the storyboarding and prototyping of a digital course and facilitate discussions around best practises and the tools available to aid you in designing your own storyboards. He will also look at the differences between storyboarding and prototyping and how UX design can help you on the path to success.
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Accessible or Interactive: Pick any 2! – 30 Mar 2021, 18:00 BST
Interactivity is a top strategy for engaging e-Learning. But what do you do when accessibility is required? Do you have to throw the fun interactions out the window—or double the work and create a separate accessible course? Absolutely not!
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Webinar – Recordings

Building for Accessibility: Tips, Tools, and Traps
In this webinar, best practices for designing for accessibility are shared, as well as tools and features in Lectora that can help automate and simplify the accessible design process.
For more information or to watch this recording visit

10 Ways to Make your Virtual Meeting more Grand Slam and Less Slow Jam
How do you get people to not only turn their cameras on during meetings but more importantly come out of their shells and interact with the other attendees? How do you ensure your meeting is more “rock and roll” and less “muzak?”
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MOOC/ Online courses

Dermatology CPD
The Dermatology CPD course consists of 10 individual modules. On successful completion, you’ll be awarded with 10 hours of CPD.
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Respiratory Medicine SCE
An online exam revision database of 388 multiple choice questions can help you your study in Respiratory Medicine.
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Respiratory Medicine CPD
The Respiratory Medicine CPD course awards 5 hours of CPD on successful completion of all respiratory modules.
For more information or to register visit

4.0 Learning Technology Articles and Information

Education horizon-scanning bulletin February 2021 
A digest of recent studies and articles related to healthcare, nursing and medical education, produced by John Gale at Mid-Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust.

4 Causes of Zoom Fatigue and what you can do about it

7 Tips for Implementing AR and VR for Business and Learning Professionals

7 Different Types of Blending Learning

Augmented Versus Virtual Reality: Which Technology Is Better for Your Training Program?

Facilitating virtual classrooms – podcast

HEE launches e-learning to support video group clinics in primary care

How To Create Effective eLearning Storyboards

How to better support dyslexic employees with written communication

NHSX releases ‘digital playbook’ for eye care specialists

Plan Augmented Reality Training On Budget: The Ultimate Guide For L&D Professionals – eBook

The Road To Stellar Training Video Animations Is Paved With These Spot-On Storyboard Templates

Secrets to giving a great presentation online

Should Healthcare Simulation Follow Aviation & Require Periodic Testing?

Virtual Labs Training Is The Future Of Education: Here’s Why

Your latest catalogue of Regionally Developed eLearning Courses.

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