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1.0 News and Information

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Impact of COVID on L&D study

We do not really have any research on the impact of the COVID-19 on L&D teams in the NHS setting.  This study, conducted by Dr Ebru Heyberi Tenekeci from Birmingham Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, explores the realities of L&D during the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of COVID-19 on learning.

Ebru is asking for all Trusts, particularly in the North, to complete this short survey to understand more about how L&D has changed over the last year.

To complete the survey, please visit, or for further information contact Ebru directly,

2.0 New Resources

North Course Catalogue – courses withdrawn

The following courses have been withdrawn from the North Course catalogue as they contain Flash and are no longer working.

  • Food Hygiene
  • Alcohol Brief
  • Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction – core knowledge
  • Syringe Driver Refresher Course
  • Mental Capacity Act Phase 2 – Acute Hospitals
  • Mental Capacity Act Phase 2 – Community and primary care
  • Mental Capacity Act Phase 2 – Mental Health and Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Capacity Act Phase 2 – Residential Care
  • Mental Capacity Act Phase 2 – Unpaid Carers
  • Acute Oncology
  • Delivering Key Information – Modules 1 to 3
  • Making Effective e-Learning
  • Rostering System
  • Shared Decision Making
  • Domestic Violence – an Introduction
  • Domestic Violence – Identifying and Responding to Abuse

If you are using any of the courses listed please contact the North TEL support Team,

ESR – course end dated

000 YH Medical Supervisors e-Learning
This course will be end dated as it cannot be updated due to the withdrawal of Flash.

e-Learning for Healthcare – new resources

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) and the College of Paramedics developed an e-learning module which provides educational support for paramedics and emergency responders.  Supporting Paramedic Practice During COVID-19 is available within the paramedics e-learning programme and includes interactive learning experiences that are accessible on mobile devices.

For more information visit

3.0 Events


Building Continuous Learning Journeys By Using Microlearning – 16 Feb 2021, 16.00 GMT
In this session learn how to use microlearning to create an effective, personalized, and agile learning strategy to create continuous learning journeys.
For more information or to register visit

Prove It! ROI from VR. 3 Extraordinary Case Studies – 18 Feb 2021, 18.00 GMT
In this webinar, John Blackmon, the CTO of eLearning Brothers, will share examples and results of VR training from Transition Associates for Fendi, Illumina Interactive for a nonprofit, and Vanderbilt University’s School of Nursing.
For more information or to register visit

Say It With Story: A Digital Blended Learning Success Story – 17 Feb 2021, 18.00 GMT
Storytelling is a powerful communications tool for EY’s employees, enhancing relationships and promoting trust with clients and colleagues alike. This master class in business storytelling uses a digital blended learning model with opportunities for practice, reflection and feedback.
For more information or to register visit

How to Lose a Learner in 10 Days: Tips for Keeping Engagement High – 24 Feb 2021, 16.00 GMT
This interactive webinar will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Different learning modalities to stimulate higher interest.
  • Tactics for keeping learners for the long-term (dare we say “engaged”).
  • Keeping relationships on-point even in pandemic environments

For more information or to register visit

Tips and Best Practices for Virtual Leadership Development – 2 Mar 2021, 16.00 GMT
How do you decide what mix of live and digital elements to use for virtual leadership training? How do you create online leadership programs that align with both learner and company goals? What different approaches should you take when designing a program from scratch or modifying a previously in-person experience?
For more information or to register visit 

Webinar Recordings

Build-a-Chatbot, The New Tool Taking Over eLearning
Did you know that chatbots are a great learning tool? A basic chatbot can help learners decide what training to select from or even provide just-in-time (JIT) training. Learn how to build one in this recorded webinar.
For more information visit

Framing for Relevance: How to Design for Skill Transfer
This session will explore how to promote transfer by designing interactions framed within the context of workplace applications. It will look at a range of examples from presentational screens to scenario-based activities and offer insights for efficiently building context to help your learners create connections that will enable them to successfully apply what they have learned. To expand your design palette, join for a different perspective on how to increase learner engagement and skill acquisition.
For more information visit

Learning Analytics: From Inception To Maturity
What is the real power of learning analytics? In this webinar, Dr. Ben Betts, CEO of Learning Pool will be joined by writer, speaker, podcaster, and communications consultant John Helmer. Together, they will deliver and analyze the most recent results from Learning Pool’s latest research: The Learning Analytics Maturity Model.
For more information visit

Vaccination with Chris Whitty
In this lecture Professor Chris Whitty will explain how vaccines came to play such a central role in healthcare, and the role they serve today in tackling an increasing range of diseases, including new threats like Covid and old foes like cancer.
For more information visit

Conference / Virtual Events

Sparkol online event – 1-5 March 2021
Across the first week of March, Sparkol will be sharing their animation secrets and storytelling tips on their journey to video success.
For more information visit

4.0 Learning Technology Articles and Information

Education horizon-scanning bulletin January 2021

A digest of recent studies and articles related to healthcare, nursing and medical education, produced by John Gale at Mid-Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust.


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