Latest Digest from North TEL Support – 22 January 2021

1.0 News and Information

Training dates

We have several familiarisation sessions planned for the first quarter of 2021. If you are interested in attending any of these events, please register using following Eventbrite links.

For more information contact the North TEL Support team,

2.0 New Resources

New to the Learning Hub

Resources for midwives

Existing contributions of content to the Learning Hub include a suite of resources for hospital and community-based midwives from the West Midlands Neonatal Operational Delivery Network:

New to ESR

New Courses

000 COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca

The 000 COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca course provides specific information on the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine.

For more information view User Notice UN2981 for more details or visit ESR

New Vaccination Competencies

To support the roll out of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, a set of competencies have been created in ESR. These will assist in National monitoring of training and will improve the reporting and monitoring capability of organisations

The competencies created are grouped into two sets.

  • Role-based competencies: These apply to non-vaccine-specific training required for a given role.
  • Vaccine specific

For more information view User Notice UN2979 for more details or visit ESR

Courses withdrawn

The following courses have been end-dated and are no longer available:

  • 000 Blood Transfusion 03: Good Manufacturing Practice for Lab Staff
  • 000 Blood Transfusion 05: Anti-D (Clinical)
  • 000 Blood Transfusion 06: Anti-D (Laboratory)
  • 000 Blood Transfusion 07: Learn Cell Salvage
  • 000 Blood Transfusion 08: Transfusion Laboratory: Safe Practice
  • 000 Blood Transfusion 09: Consent for Transfusion
  • 000 Blood Transfusion 11: Acute Transfusion Reactions
  • 000 Preventing Falls in Hospitals
  • 000 CareFall: Reducing inpatient falls risk factors and post fall management
  • 000 B. Braun Peripheral Cannulation e-Learning Theory Module
  • 000 Pandemic Flu
  • 000 Knowledge Management e-Learning Resources – Facilitated Learning
  • 000 Knowledge Management e-Learning Resources – Getting Started
  • 000 Knowledge Management e-learning Resources – Case Studies
  • 000 Knowledge Management e-learning Resources – Collaboration
  • 000 Knowledge Management e-learning Resources – Knowledge Assets
  • 000 Knowledge Management e-learning Resources – Technical

For more information see User Notice UN2977 or visit ESR

3.0 Events


From Surviving to Thriving: Returning to what science says about how we think, work, and learn – 27 Jan 2021, 19:00 GMT

In this session, Dr. Clark Quinn, Executive Director of Quinnovation and author of the forthcoming book Learning Science for Instructional Designers and Revolutionize Learning & Development, will lead us through how our brain works. Dr. Quinn will also go over the implications for learning and working effectively both in general and in this new era.
For more information or to register visit,–returning-to-what-science-says-about-how-we-think–work–and-learn/


How to Measure and Maximize the Impact of Training – 3 Feb 2021, 15.00 GMT

Organisations spend plenty of time, money and energy creating and delivering training, yet real insight into the business impact of training often remains elusive. Join this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by EI Design. Your host, Asha Pandey, Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design, will share tips, strategies and insights that can be used to measure and maximize the business impact of training.
For more information or to register visit,


5 Ways Video Can Transform In-person Trainings to Virtual Ones – 9 Feb 2021, 13.00 GMT

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by Panopto. With the rise of video as an essential remote workplace tool, this webinar will help you narrow in on five key video strategies that will garner fast, quantifiable results.
For more information or to register visit,


Webinar Recordings

Build-a-Chatbot: The New Tool Taking Over eLearning

It’s surprisingly easy to build a chatbot today! In this webinar, George Hanshaw, Director of eLearning Operations at Los Angeles Pacific University will show you how anyone with general technical skills can build a simple chatbot quickly.
For more information or to register visit,


CenarioVR, the Immersive Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

Creating interactivity in CenarioVR is very similar to building eLearning using an authoring tool like Lectora, Storyline, or Captivate. You can publish in similar ways as well, like HTML5, xAPI, SCORM, cmi5, or to CenarioVR Live. In the webinar, Veronica and Andrew showed some examples of interactions built in CenarioVR.
For more information or to register visit,


Streamline Your Storyboards

In this webinar, eLearning Brothers resident usability expert Josh Bleggi will introduce you to the systematic approach to storyboard creation used at eLearning Brothers for producing their Rockstar Learning Model courseware. Josh will show you how you can use this process to dramatically speed up your own storyboard creation, and keep your creative focus where it belongs—on authoring effective and engaging eLearning.
For more information or to register visit,



Training Industry Leader Talk: Measuring Learning Impact – 10 Feb 2021, 15.00 GMT

During this Training Industry Leader Talk, gain insights from industry thought leaders on measuring and proving the impact of your learning solutions in the modern and rapidly evolving business environment.
For more information or to register visit,

4.0 Learning Technology Articles and Information

TEL News – December 2020 

TEL News is your monthly update keeping you up to speed with all the national work on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in health and care.


Education horizon-scanning bulletin – December 2020

A digest of recent studies and articles related to healthcare, nursing and medical education, produced by John Gale at Mid-Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust.


5 Instructional Design Tips for the Best Microlearning Design –

6 Ways to Convince Someone to Collaborate with You –

The ABCs of Minimizing Sensory Overload –

Accidental Instructional Designer: Be an expert in e-learning without technical knowledge –

The Advanced Guide To Virtual Induction And Onboarding Training For Your Remote Employees –

After You Die, Microsoft Wants to Resurrect You as a Chatbot –

Augmented Reality In Education: A Staggering Insight Into The Future –

Chatbot to deliver respite to dementia carers –

How To Avoid Plagiarism In Today’s eLearning –

Microlearning Tips For A Successful Remote Workforce Onboarding Process: eBook –

Training Industry Magazine – January / February 2021 –


Your latest catalogue of Regionally Developed eLearning Courses.

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