Latest Digest from North TEL Support – 18 December 2020

1.0 News and Information

Merry Christmas

On behalf of the North TEL Support Team we would like to wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas.

If you have a bit of time you may wish to try our Christmas themed CenarioVR game,

HEE North TEL Group Forum – 21 January

Come join us at the next HEE North TEL Group Forum to be held on Thursday, 21 January 2021. The event provides an opportunity for TEL and eLearning leads and developers from across the North of England to come together to network, engage with each other and hear about what is happening with Health Education England Technology Enhanced Learning, ESR and the Learning Hub.
For more information or to register, visit

Flash reminder

You will all be aware that Flash will no longer be supported from 31 December 2020.  For older courses this may cause some disruption to videos, animations or activities.  If you need some support on how to convert older course or how to tell if your courses will be affected, please contact the North TEL Support Team,

2.0 New Resources

New to e-Learning for Healthcare

Paramedic Caring for Mother and Baby 

Written and edited by paramedic-midwife, Aimee Yarrington, each session in the maternity and newborn care for paramedics’ module was designed to build confidence and competence in experienced paramedics, students and assistant practitioners when caring for mother and baby in a wide range of scenarios such as normal birth, breech birth, peripartum haemorrhage and newborn life support.

To register for this e-learning module or for more information, please visit the e-LfH website:

New to the Learning Hub

‘Make or Break: Incivility in the Workplace’

A new video has been added to the Learning Hub on incivility in the workplace and the impact of active kindness. ‘Make or Break: Incivility in the Workplace’ is a video that has been developed by the Elena Power Centre for Simulation and Human Factors at Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust to provide an insight to how incivility affects the NHS workforce and the impact this can have on patient safety.
For more information visit The Learning Hub, or

New to ESR

For more information about the following new courses to ESR, refer to User Notice UN2975 or visit ESR

000 Volunteer Learning

The Volunteer Learning courses form part of a National Framework for Volunteering. The courses are aligned to the Volunteer Certificate Standards produced by Helpforce.

  • 000 Volunteer Learning: Standard 1 – Your role and responsibilities HEE e-Learning for Healthcare
  • 000 Volunteer Learning: Standard 2 – Communication
  • 000 Volunteer Learning: Standard 3 – Respect for everyone
  • 000 Volunteer Learning: Standard 4 – Safeguarding
  • 000 Volunteer Learning: Standard 5 – Mental Health,Dementia,Learning Disability
  • 000 Volunteer Learning: Standard 6 – Health and safety
  • 000 Volunteer Learning: Standard 7 – Fluids and nutrition
  • 000 Volunteer Learning: Standard 8 – Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • 000 Volunteer Learning: Standard 9 – Moving and assisting

000 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2

This course, providing specific information on the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, has been added to COVID-19 Vaccination e-Learning available on ESR.

000 How to teach children to swallow pills

This e-Learning course is for all health and care professionals who want to teach children and young people how to swallow pills using an evidence-based, six-step technique.

000 Delivering sensory health services

This course aims to equip professionals with knowledge and understanding about children and young people with complex learning disabilities and autism and special residential schools and colleges that meet their educational needs.

Courses withdrawn

The following courses have been withdrawn from ESR

  • 000 Capacity and Difficult Consent
  • 000 Patient Consent

3.0 Events

Webinar Recordings

5 Keys to Unlock Storytelling in Your Elearning

Finding Your Happy During Work, a Pandemic & the Holidays!


HTN NOW – 18 – 22 January 2021

HTN Now brings together the health tech community to share, discuss and collaborate on a variety of topics focused around health tech for the now.

Through live webcast sessions, content, a digital awards programme, interviews and video, HTN Now will focus on digital projects, innovations and technologies from across health and care.

For more information or to register visit:

4.0 Learning Technology Articles and Information

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