Latest Digest from North TEL Support – 30 June 2020

1.0 News and Information

Welcome to the team

The North TEL Support Team would like to introduce Kirsty Elliot as the newest member of the team.  Whilst it might be a while before you meet Kirsty in person, it will not be long before you meet her on the end of an email or phone call so please take the time to say hello.  Kirsty’s introduction to the group will allow us to extend the services and support offered by the North TEL Support Team.

 Learning Hub launch

The Learning Hub was released at the end of May 2020, with core functionality, to support the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response by enabling the health and care workforce to share and access resources during the pandemic.  You are invited to log on to the Learning Hub and form part of the evolving communities of learners by discovering, accessing, contributing and sharing resources.

For more info visit the Learning Hub,

Cenario VR licences

The North TEL Support Team are now looking after the shared HEE CenarioVR licences.  If you have access to a 360 camera and are interested in discovering how to use CenarioVR authoring tool to create virtual reality simulations please contact the North TEL Support Team,, to find out more.

TEL Friday

For those of you who missed the event, a recording of TEL Friday is available on YouTube,

As always, the show includes a variety of interesting segments, including gadget and software reviews and ‘Teaching with Zoom’.  A big thanks to our colleagues at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust for this fantastic annual event.

2020 North TEL Forum

As the Covid -19 pandemic has influenced the way in which learning has been delivered, Health Education England Technology Enhanced Learning Team would like to hear about what you have done to adapt and learn how they can support you better now and in the future. Join us on 24 July or 4 August for the 2020 HEE North Forum to tell us what has worked well with training and what would have made the process easier. Even if you have made no changes to the way you work, we want to hear from you.

We are asking all Trusts nationally for their feedback and will collate the results to establish what HEE TEL can offer regionally and nationally with regards to CPD, networks, consultancy, technical support or anything else that you tell us that you need.

For more information or to register visit,

2.0 New Resources

New courses in ESR

The following courses have been added to ESR.  Refer to ESR User Notices UN2908 and UN2919 or log on to ESR for more details,

  • 000 Harnessing the power of clinical and financial collaboration
  • 000 Self-management, confidence and resilience
  • 000 Managing, motivating and leading teams
  • 000 The Lived Experience of Dementia
  • 000 Safeguarding Children Level 3
  • 000 e-FACE Medical Skills for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • 000 Paramedic – Management of Burns
  • 000 Employers for Carers
  • 000 Patient-Level Costing (PLICS)
  • 000 Saving Babies Lives

The following courses have been end-dated

  • 000 Safeguarding Children & Young People Level 3
  • 000 Mixed Messages
  • 000 Being Open

3.0 Events


Saving SME Time with Rapid eLearning – 28 May 2020, 16.00 BST

With rapid eLearning, you can not only save your SME’s time but also deliver online training solutions that are as impactful as face to face training sessions. The challenge is to make the most of their limited time!Join this webinar to discover:

  • The relevance of rapid eLearning in the current times
  • The role of SMEs in rapid eLearning vis-à-vis traditional eLearning
  • How to create “quick and dirty” courses with minimal inputs from SMEs
  • 9 best practices to save the SME’s time at different stages

For more information or to register, visit,

Learning today: why nothing and everything has changed – 1 July 2020, 16:00 BST

Nothing has changed in how we learn, not fundamentally. The way neurons fire and form networks in our brain is the same as it was when we stood on the African savannah millennia ago.

In other ways, though, everything has changed. The tools we use, the distractions we face and the breadth of information we have access to, are all vastly different to what we faced just few years ago, never mind tens of thousands.

A veteran of the learning, skills and human capital industries, Don Taylor will be joined by Ross Garner, Head of Learning Experience at Emerald Works. Together, they’ll explore how today’s fast changing world affects learning and development

For more information or to register visit,

 How to Make Virtual Training Presentations Engaging and Memorable – 1 July 2020, 18.00 BST

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by Corporate Visions. Chief strategy officer Tim Riesterer will draw from brain science principles and a research-based approach to show you how to:

  • Grab and hold your audience’s attention with dynamic and interactive storytelling.
  • Prime their brain and spike attention with high-impact imagery.
  • Control the most important message you want your audience to remember.

For more information or to register visit,

Discover the Secrets to Interactive Virtual Training Sessions – 7 July 2020, 18.00 BST

Virtual training sessions can be quite interactive. So, have you ever watched a web-based training session and wondered, “How did they do that?” When slides or polls appear or videos pop up and play automatically, it’s not magic! Obviously, there’s a person behind every action who must click, type, or drag to make things happen. Generally speaking, this applies to all virtual training sessions. So, you need to take full benefit of your web conferencing software interactive capabilities! In other words, if you’re always the participant and never the presenter, join this session to take a peek at how it’s done!

For more information or to register visit,

 Examining Compliance And Regulation: How To Really Manage Risk (Rather Than Just Be Compliant)! – 9 July 2020, 17.00 BST

Joe Hill-Wilson, CCO of Learn Amp will be joined by expert guests to explore what engaging compliance training looks like and how to deliver it best to achieve your aims. Join them in this session and learn how to do it by yourself! The event is sponsored by eLearning Industry.

For more information or to register visit,

TikTok, Tock Tock: A Phased Approach to the Future of Learning – 16 July 2020, 17.00 BST

In this webinar, we will describe the journey to get to that future state. Whether it’s using innovative media, welcoming Gen Z, better preparing for a heavy reliance on virtual learning, or reskilling/upskilling employees, we all want learning to be part of the flow of work but it takes work to get there. Join us to learn how you can use a phased-approach toward the learning state you most desire and hear stories from our customers at Comcast, Shell, and Johnson Controls who are doing it!

For more information or to register visit,

Flipped Learning 2.0 – A Learning Theory Updated for a Virtual World – 23 July 2020, 16:00 BST

The recent move towards virtual learning is challenging training departments across the globe. Popular training techniques, such as Flipped Learning, which transforms the group learning space into the individual learning space, can be difficult to execute in an online environment – but that doesn’t have to be the case! In this lively session on July 23rd, Domenic Caloia, Senior Learning Developer from Johnson Controls and regular conference speaker, will demonstrate how to combine the familiar Flipped Learning Model with cutting-edge adaptive design techniques to create a personalized experience. This just might be the solution you need to engage distance learners, get superior results, and simplify virtual group training sessions.

For more information or to register visit,

Online Conferences – recordings

TICE Virtual Conference: Understanding and Developing Your Remote Learners – Recordings

4.0 Learning Technology Articles and Information

TEL News – May 2020

TEL News is your monthly update keeping you up to speed with all the national work on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in health and care.

Education horizon-scanning bulletin May 2020

A digest of recent studies and articles related to healthcare, nursing and medical education, produced by John Gale at Mid-Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust.

The Value of Virtual Reality in Healthcare Simulation

HEE Technology Update 26/06/20

Creating Simulations for Transgender Patient Care

Harnessing Informal Learning

How to Use Clinical Simulation to Train for Transgender Patient Care w/ Scenario Template

The Learning Transfer Elephant

List of Healthcare Simulation Research Journals

Oxford University Hospitals secures grant to develop COVID-19 training platform

Text vs. Imagery vs. Video vs. Audio

Theory Anchored Design for Virtual Patients in Nursing Simulation

Top 22 eLearning Websites for Training Managers and Instructional Designers

Virtual Persuasion: How to Increase Buy-in When Presenting Remotely

Virtual reality tool adds COVID specific training modules

Why Confidence-Based Learning Improves Performance


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