Latest Digest from North TEL Support – 29 October 2019

1.0 News and Information

 Changes to accessing the North Regional Server

Over the next few months we will be changing the way in which people will access the North Regional Server. Rather than providing a single sign on for a trust, staff will be provided their own individual log ins. It is hoped that this change will improve security and the service we offer.  At this stage there is nothing you need to do as more information will follow about the timetable for changes.

Source Files on the North Regional Server

To reduce the need to continuously purchase more space on the North Regional Server we are asking Trusts to take a look at the content on their partition to ensure that it is still required.  If you are storing course source files on the server, the North TEL support team are able to ‘look after them’ on our Storage Vault.  The advantage of this is that you will be reducing the costs associated with running the Regional server and storing the files in a safe central location where files can be retrieved on request.  If you are interested in more information about this please contact the North TEL Support team,

Configuration Changes to HEE e-LfH content server

HEE e-Learning for Healthcare are making changes to their server configuration. If organisations filter Internet traffic and allow communication with the HEE e-LfH server based on the IP address,, then they will need to update these filters to allow communication based on the domain, For more information see the attached ESR User notice, UN2806 – National Content Server Changes October 2019.

Request for Articulate help

Leeds Teaching Hospitals need some support with editing an e-learning package that uses the Articulate software. This is not the usual software used in the Trust and as such they are struggling to find someone with the skills to edit and update the package. If you have anyone in your organisation that might be able to support them for 1-2 days max over the next 2 – 3 weeks (they are willing to pay for this appropriately) please contact Katie Robinson,


The NorthTEL Support team manage two shared licences for Sparkol VideoScribe for use by Trusts across the North. If you are unsure what VideoScribe can do take a look at our short video, or visit the VideoScribe site  If you would like to use VideoScribe or need more information please contact the NorthTEL Support Team,

TELFriday 2020 – Get involved

Nick Napper is looking for people around the country to assist with TELFriday 2020. Organised by the South West Technology Enhanced Learning Forum, the annual TELFriday broadcast has for many years showcased what is new and exciting in TEL with reviews on the latest gadgets and demonstration on how to create your own VR. In 2020 TELFriday wants to broaden its wings and see what is happening throughout the country. If you feel that you have something to show or would simply like to help out with the organising for this great event, please contact Nick Napper, nick.napper@tst.nhs.ukNever seen TELFriday? Why not take a look at TELFriday 2019, available from

2.0 New Resources

Delirium Videos       

Delirium in older adults often goes unrecognised by health care professionals and can be poorly managed; to assist with its identification Health Education England (NE) have created two videos to promote the delirium awareness.

  • #DeliriumReady – Delirium Awareness and management:  People with Dementia have higher risk of developing delirium. #DeliriumReady – Delirium Awareness and management aims to raise the awareness of Delirium Superimposed Dementia and also signposts ways of managing it using a tool developed (delirium wheel) that can be used in care home, hospital or community settings. To view the video visit
  • #ICanPreventDelirium – Delirium Awareness: Acts as a resource for information or training about delirium, whether you are a health care professional, a family member or a caregiver for someone at risk of delirium. This video was produced with the aim of improving recognition and management of delirium in any healthcare setting. To view the video visit

For more information visit the North Course Catalogue,

3.0 Events


The Business Case for Human-centred Design –  29 October 2019, 14:00 ET (18.00 GMT)

Human-centred design (HCD) is sweeping business because of the way it profoundly reconfigures how companies develop strategy, solve their most pressing problems and successfully compete in an era of constant change.  But is there any hard evidence that HCD has a measurable impact?
For more information or to register visit;

Photoshop basics for eLearning designers – 29 October 2019, 9.00 PT (16.00 GMT)

In most disciplines, Adobe Photoshop is the defacto standard when it comes to image editing and creation. This mature product has a lot features built in that have made it the most popular tool for eLearning professionals. However, it can be difficult to keep up with some of the newest features in all the releases. There are filters and features built into Photoshop that a lot of eLearning professionals don’t know about. In this webinar we will look at some key examples that specifically benefit eLearning professionals. The examples will not only show you how to save time, fix flaws but also how to create stunning 3D images within Adobe Photoshop.
For more information or to register visit

How to make a video from scratch in Vyond – 30 October 2019, 12:00 PDT (19.00 GMT)

Vyond video producers, Shahrzade and Sofala, will walk you through the production process for our “P.E.T.E” customer support training video.  As they create a video from start to finish in Vyond, Shahrzade and Sofala will talk about scripting, whiteboard animation, sound effects, transitions, character development, voiceover, camera movement, and more.
Note: this webinar will be most useful for Vyond beginners.
For more information or to register visit

Leveraging Learning Analytics To Increase Performance And Maximize ROI – 5 November 2019

Join this webinar on November 5, presented by CommLab India, to discover how learning analytics can be used to increase your impact on both individual and organizational performance while maximizing your Return On Investment (ROI). Save your spot now.
For more information or to register visit

Flash to HTML5 Conversions October 30, 10:00  EDT, 16:00 PM CEST (15.00 GMT)

The live webinar will delve into all practical aspects of Flash to HTML5 conversion, including:

  • How to quickly audit your legacy courses
  • How to line up those courses that would make sense to convert
  • How to estimate the effort and cost of conversion
  • The Flash to HTML5 conversion Project Management process

For more information or to register visit


eLN Connect 2019 – London – 20 November 2019

2019’s event takes place on Wednesday, 20th November in London, UK. The conference theme explores how Learning & Development professionals can support organisations in building and fostering learning cultures that thrive. With people’s skills continuously evolving and workplaces rapidly changing, organisations require a different approach to fulfilling learning needs. For more information or to register visit

TELFest North West 2019 – Liverpool – 17 December 2019

TELFest North West 2019 celebrates the rapid changes and diversity in technology for education by bringing together a truly inclusive event hosted in partnership between the University of Liverpool, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Kaplan International, and DigiLearn Sector Community.

For more information or to register visit

4.0 Learning Technology Articles and Information

TEL NEWS – October 2019

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