NorthTEL Event – 5 October 2018

Agenda (PDF)

1. Welcome and scene setting

Introductions and a video introducing the Topol review.

Presentation 1 (PDF)

2. Icebreaker

Introductions to those around the room. Participants were asked to come up with a ‘fantastical’ invention that would support healthcare in the future.

Presentation 2 (PDF)

3. HEE and TEL Update

Sean Bradbury provides an update on the national initiatives with TEL and Neha Baj gives details of the latest developments with e-Learning for Healthcare

Presentation 3 (PDF)

4. Simulation Update

Professor Pramod Luthra provides a National and regional simulation update.

Presentation 4 (PDF)

5. Topol Review

Dr Matt Hammerton introduces the Topol review and the three main areas of the programme.

Presentation 5 (PDF)

6. Technology Enhanced Care

Ellen Hughes from the West Midlands Academic Health Science network provides an overview of technology enhanced care in the context of the Topol review.

Presentation 6 (PDF)

7. The impact of Topol in your organisation

Participants are invited to discuss and share their thoughts on how technologies from the Topol review might impact education and training in their organisation.

Presentation 7 (PDF)

Workshop Notes (PDF)

Word Cloud of impact of Topol on education and training in NHS Trusts

8. Building a Digital Ready Workforce

Susan Kennedy from Health Education England introduces the HEE Digital Capabilities framework and why this is important to develop the workforce in light of the Topol review.

Presentation 8 (PDF)

Workshop Notes (PDF)

Building a Digital Ready Workforce Word Cloud

9. Solution to the barriers in increased technology use

Mark Hellaby and Richard Price invite participants to reflect on some of the solutions to the barriers to education which they encounter in the NHS.

Presentation 9 (PDF)

Workshop Notes (PDF)

Barriers and Solutions Word Cloud

10. Exemplars of learning supporting 3 themes

Ellen Hughes: digital medicine wearables (PDF)

Richard Price: Artificial Intelligence (PDF)

11. How do we work together to support a digital agenda?

In the final session, Sean Bradbury asks participants to discuss working together to support a digital agenda.

Summary – You will…

  • Ensure the Digital Agenda is promoted and raised within your own organisation
  • Listen to the issues faced by staff to understand what their digital needs are
  • Provide support through Digital Champions (still need to define how)

Summary – We will…

  • Share, Collaborate and Motivate each other across the region
  • Work together on new initiatives, technology and ways of working/training

Summary – HEE will…

  • Provide clear strategies and guidance for using digital
  • Facilitate opportunities to try new ideas, technology and resources
  • Influence the system to be more integrated and work collaboratively

Workshop Notes (PDF)

How do we work together to support a digital agenda Word Cloud

12. Summary, Prize giving, Thank you’s

Presentation 12 (PDF)